Saturday, 14 February 2015



I'm Harry, a 17 year old singer-songwriter from London, UK.

With a passion for arts comes a passion for fashion, and what better way to express that than through a fashion blog?

Today it is Valentine's Day, so I spent my time in the very red city of London to celebrate!

I wore my Miss Selfridge 'Crepe Cross Black Playsuit', with a Topshop skirt from two Christmases ago, a white bow choker (hand made by my mum) and my beautiful white stilettos from River Island. An eccentric look for a photo shoot presenting the dualities between the striking colour and beauty in London and the, equally as striking, grime of which can be found by merely stepping into a telephone box!

Thank you for reading my very first fashion blog and I'll see you again soon! <3

- Haribow 

Top - Crepe Cross Black Playsuit by Miss Selfridge 
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - River Island
Choker - Hand Made by Moira Adams (my mum)

Photos taken by Austin Edwards

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